Traveling the country to bring the best Smokehouse BBQ to you, we heard stories and observed common practices of pitmasters in little towns and country intersections where pitmasters tended their smokers. Their “Smokehouse Dog”…a faithful companion would help the pitmaster tend the smoke-pits.

In keeping with this tradition, Finley’s | Grill & Smokehouse is launching it’s monthly Smokehouse Dog contest. To enter your dog, fill out the form below and submit a picture of your dog. Finley’s will post your dog’s picture in the restaurant for our guests to vote. You can vote at the restaurant during business hours. The dog with the most votes at the end of the month will be named “Finley’s Smokehouse Dog of the Month”!


Smokehouse Dog Monthly Winner – You and Your dog will receive


  1. Framed picture of your dog posted at Finley’s | Grill & Smokehouse for a year.
  2. Dog owner receives a framed picture of their dog .
  3. Your dog receives a certificate for being a Smokehouse Dog monthly winner
  4. Dog owner wins a BBQ celebration party for 6 people at Finley’s | Grill & Smokehouse (Your dog gets the night alone to party!).
  5. Your dog receives a box of bones.
  6. Your dog gets the added responsibility of being our Smokehouse Dog in absentia.
  7. Your dog will be a neighborhood celebrity
  8. Your dog will show a new attitude for being a Smokehouse Dog winner!


You can vote at the restaurant during business hours.

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Donate $5 or more to Cascades Humane Society & Finley's will send you a $5 gift card. 

Current Submissions

Owner's Name: Sandra
Dog's Name: Blue
Dog Breed: PappiChi
Dog's Age: 6mo.
Fun/interesting facts: Blue came into my life after the loss of my Jack Russell "Maize, who died unexpectedly from Liver shunt. Blue brings me joy everyday with his amazing personality! Blue was named for the University of Michigan School, "Go Blue". Blue loves to play, loves to sit on your lap, and loves his toys, (all 20 of them)! Blue is a very loyal, loving, and smart puppy. He weighs about 7 pounds and won't get much bigger than he is now. Blue is a joy to have around, my grandchildren (all 16) love him, as much as he loves them! My husband, Ray seems to think Blue loves him better than me, but I beg to differ!

He is so smart! His DAD does not let him on the bed but his MOM does! So when he is on the bed and he hears or smells his DAD coming he jumps down. When DAD is gone, he jumps right back up!

Barney Fife LUVS to play fetch with the ChuckIt toy, run long distances (up to 8 miles), swim , ride with his head out of the window and sit on your lap! He's very gentle and great with people.

like to protect the house from rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks... incredibly dedicated to be a good companion I was adopted 3 years ago and love my home in woods... like to perform tricks for my owner!

Dolly is an absolute doll. She is an absolute sweetheart. She loves watching the action of the neighborhood, everybody she meets and collecting shoes that she hides under a tree in the yard.

Kirby loves everyone, she thinks anyone who comes to the house it there to see her, she also loves to play, she will empty the toy box and dig out something you haven't seen in awhile and that's the favorite for the day. She enjoys riding in cars, going for walks, playing keep away with her toys, and being with other dogs and people.

Princess loves walks, playing with her baby human and SNACKS. She loves snuggling. I adopted her from CHS when she was 5 years old.

I love playing with my kitty brothers and sisters, playing with my squeaky ball, going for rides, and walks and giving kisses...

Kane loves to go for runs and walking on the bike path. He loves the snow, when we plow the driveway he loves being king of the snow hill.

Boomer is very active and loves to go for walks and play. He is house broken. He also thinks he is a lap dog and will display his affection on a regular basis and snuggle with you, too. He is great in the car and loves to be where ever you are. He is very food motivated and has been in training and is very well behaved. Look into his beautiful eyes and fall in love! He is waiting for you and his forever home. Please come by for a visit.

Jake loves being outdoors and playing fetch. He loves to go for rides. Jake also loves his best friends Bailey and Sadie(two mini poms). Jake is a great part of our lives. He os loyal,dedicated and so loved by us all.

Alex is an energetic and loving puppy, who loves playing with the two cats he lives with. He loves meeting new people, and he can run like the wind ! Alex loves everyone, and you can't help but love him back !

Marley is a Medical Alert dog. He takes his job very seriously. When Marley's jacket isn't on, and he is not working, napping is his next favorite pass time.

We got Chewie as a puppy from a woman who purchased him from a pet store but just couldn't handle puppy behaviors. He has since grown into the sweetest and most laid back guy ever! He's just as happy to lay on the couch and watch TV as he is to hop in the car and go for a ride. Whatever you want to do, Chewbacca is right there, happy to join in the fun or to sit on the sideline and watch. You couldn't ask for a better dog!

Kassie is the princess amongst two males. She rules the roost, and commands attention from everyone. Kassie is smart, fun, and loving. She is a joy to be around. Kassie is a "mommy's girl" who follows her masters every move. Kassie is a princess, but she is a protector of the ones she loves.